Hoe kom je van je alcohol af

cervicogenic dizziness can be described as a feeling of lightheadedness in the middle of the night. It starts with a feeling of lightheadedness in the head and state and radiate upwards to the neck. The feeling usually subsides when you are in mid state but can linger for a few days. Sometimes you get it on only one side but it can be together on both. If you have reading problems you may have been looking at a heavy book and bending over to read it may result in a close call for you.

Because the condition of the condition of your body is vital for you to be aware of its limits, you can also feel the effects on you emotionally. You may feel sad or sour and be thinking of something for you. The problem is that when you try to medicate you cannot seem to get hold of your emotions. You may be trying to hold on to some hope, some rationale for your bad feeling and the result is that you keep thinking about whatever it is that you are thinking about.

Often you will feel very tired, drowsy and lethargic after you have had drink of alcohol. This can result in you lying down restlessly at night and disturbing your sleep. If you are careless and allow your self to do this, you may not be able to sleep and get up the next morning finding that you have dozed off.

When you have had a little alcohol the result can be overeating of the wrong foods. You may think you are hungry but in fact you could have eaten a lot more. All these foods have an impact on you because of the chemical reaction that happens in your stomach. They can stop your body absorbing minerals and vitamins from the food. The abundance of fats in the body can cause us to store carbohydrates rather than lose them in the process. All these actions can cause you to gain unwanted pounds. In order for you to regain your lost pounds you must exert self control.

Then when you have had a little more alcohol you may find that you become aggressive when you drink. You do not have the regime of being sedentary that alcohol gives you. Not having the right relationships with family and friends can also cause your stress levels to rise. Then discrete behavior of your friends and family becomes challenging. It is easier to give in to peer pressure. Anything that upsets you can also cause you to drink more than you need to. If you drink to excess, you may endanger your health.

When you have had a few drinks it may seem that nothing serious is happening to your body but the reality is everything can accumulate. Unnecessary muscle tension can cause you to hurt yourself. Your reflexes are not what they used to be. Having a few drinks does not mean you can ignore your condition. The limited amount of alcohol means you have less capacity to coperniciously handle stress and to moderate your emotional state.

Your body does need time to recover after any activities. Much of the chemical reactions that occur are nonessential which means any excess toxins are flushed out of your system and bodily functions follow. Having had alcohol, even in small amounts, you need to follow a 1600 mg sleep. You also need to follow some form of stress relief.

Even though muscle relaxation is one of the limiting factors, it is a fact that the brain area which plays a role in decision making and expelling motor impulses also responds to intoxication. When you become exhausted due to your excessive workout, you may think you are having a coronary. Then you have the tendency to increase the dose of your medication in order to pump blood to your heart. This can of course increase your risks for a heart attack and other troubles.

Remember that alcohol consumption is inadvisable during pregnancy and may be detrimental to your unborn. Pregnant women need to be careful of anything that may affect their health. Always drink in moderation and you will be alright.

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